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Champions Armor Challenge
Champions' Armor Challenge


For every €15 you wager on any soccer game of the Champions League,

Premier League, German Bundesliga or the Brazilian National League between 13th May 2015

and 30th May 2015, you will receive one entry into our Champions' Armor Challenge Draw.


Once you place your bets to apply for the Champions' Armor Challenge,

you will be automatically elegible to win an official jersey

of your favourite team! Are you ready to start?

The draw will take place on Friday 5th June 2015 at 9 am (CET) and once the

draw have been made, the winning player will be announced and contacted per email.

Champions' Armor Challenge Terms and Conditions

Spread the word and share with your friends!

Invite your friends and multiply your chances

Bring your friends to the Champions' Armor Challenge! If one of them wins, you'll get a €15 free bet! If you win, you can chose one of your friends to receive the free bet! To apply, click on the button and inform us the names and emails of your friends using the regular contact form.

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